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Logging Software for UVOST data

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  1. mholsing
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    23 Apr 2015
    23 Apr 2015
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    Is there an application that will allow for import of UVOST data into boring log software such as Bentley gINT?  My provider sent the LIF data in ASCII data files and I wish to display this next to the CPT and geologist logs on a single boring log using gINT software.
  2. Travis M
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    19 Nov 2013
    28 May 2015 in reply to mholsing
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    The ascii data files (*.dat.txt) is routinely imported into 3rd paty log viewer software. In contrast, the *.raw.bin files are only usable by Dakota's OST software. Our OST software allows for the display of data such as CPT next to our LIF logs.

    The ascii *.dat.txt files contain multiple columns. For the most part, users are only concerned with columns 1 and 2, depth and signal respectively. The full column list is below.

    Column Data
    1 Depth
    2 Total Signal %RE
    3 Ch. 1 %RE (Blue)
    4 Ch. 2 %RE (Green)
    5 Ch. 3 %RE (Orange)
    6 Ch. 4 %RE (Red)
    7 Push Rate
    8 EC Depth
    9 EC Value
    10 Hammer Depth
    11 Hammer Rate
    12 Color (RRGGBB)
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