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Download OST Software version 2 by clicking the link below. After install, you will be prompted with a computer ID and asked for a key. You then need to contact us for a computer specific key. 

Cost is $399 per license. This is for a version which does not allow for data acquisition, but has all other features.

UVOST Providers: Seven free licenses for each UVOST purchased from Dakota allowing for data acquisition. Note this software is non-transferable.


  • Windows based operating system (English language and number system recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher


Click here to download the Windows compatible install exe:

OST Setup 2-3-30

A help file (pdf) is included in the installer (access from the Help menu).

Previous Version:
OST Setup 2-3-5

OST Setup 2-2-10

Change Log

Version 2.3.5

New Features

GPS moved to own window, EC and other accessories given more space on main tab window.


Control plotting on/off from scaling tab instead of Advanced Options.


Secondary plots (EC etc.) now have solid color fill.


Ability to output log images with scales set by a per inch value (e.g. 10 ft per inch). Found on Advanced Options window.


Callouts may be images. Note picture is not stored to data file, only relative path.


Exported *.lif.dat.txt file now has a header row with column labels.


Depth stitch allows for either A (upper) data or B (lower) data in possible overlap area.


Depth stitch automatically moves originals to a sub-folder and names new file same as upper.


Depth repeater: repeats depth input to comm port of choice.


EC calibration values computed by OST, no longer have to contact Dakota for ABC constants.


EC test values may be stored prior to logging and may be outputted to summary.


EC compatible with all depth modes including emulation.


On rare occasions OST options file becomes corrupt, added Help menu entry "Reset Options"


Emulation start depth can be non-zero. Useful if looking at cores.


Depth stitch where file B acquisition starts at true depth. Useful for cores.


If hide depth using Ctrl click, then rate is hidden as well.


If water table inputted, text of value is displayed.


Utilities form (Info Edit, Batch JPG, etc.) uses a single file list, time saver if doing multiple operations.


Cleaned up decimals in summary report files.


Creating single PDF with multiple files now has portrait / landscape option on same form


Added color to Emulation and String Pot frames to give visual differentiation


Emulation now begins at start depth + increment, will see no data at 0 point

Bug Fixes

Clearing all waves from callouts then adding only RE and/or BKG yielded unsaved plot info.


Fixed bug that allowed OST to remain open in background after closing 


Fixed final depth and max signal depth labels on logs when loading data with Meter depth option when data acquired in Feet mode. 


Minor stability improvements.

Version 2.2.0

New Features

Depth Pause may be resumed from any position along rod. Useful for CPT operators that must move the clamp and others working on barges.


String pot may be mounted in reverse such that the string gets longer as the rods advance. Useful in a CPT truck where the string pot is mounted to the ceiling.


Improved peak threshold detection for RE's with a small 4th channel


Removed floppy disk load for scopes on older systems


Elevation units user selectable to match depth unit on Adv Options


With auto scale, min plotted depth is 2 and min plotted RE is 5


Improvements to scaling tab

Bug Fixes

Various minor bugs


On rare occasions, *.dat.txt was seen as binary file by some software


Protect log plot of EC against values less than zero

Version 2.1.0

New Features

Added depth reference line (blue dash w/ triangle) 


Rearrange callouts using drag/drop


EC calibration value recorder


Hide data above a min depth (e.g. hand cleared)


Browse tab includes folder name search


Better rate calculation using milliseconds


If Emulate, rate is fixed at 1


Current EC Value always on primary command screen

Bug Fixes

Various minor bugs

Versions 2.0.1 -2.0.7

Bug Fixes 

International time/date format bug fixes


Various minor bugs

Version 2.0.0

Version 2 had a large number of new features and refinements, too many to list. With Version 2, data acquisition on Windows 7 & Windows 8 (when using new drivers) is possible.

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