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Dakota Technologies, Inc. (Dakota) provides state-of-the-art services for hazardous waste site investigations, specializing in the rapid site assessment of subsurface LNAPL and multi-component DNAPL. Incorporated in 1993, Dakota has an experienced staff with over 75 years of combined experience in developing and deploying direct push screening tools for site investigations.

Dakota Technologies, Inc. Merger with Matrix Environmental, LLC

To meet the increasing demand for comprehensive site characterization services, Dakota Technologies, Inc. (Dakota) is excited to announce the creation of a new services group. This group has been formed by merging the resources of Matrix Environmental, LLC with Dakota, so together we can offer a full and expanding suite of High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) technologies and services to our national and international clients.

Matrix and Dakota have long shared a common professional mindset: take the time and care to get it right, every time, and on every project. This mutual dedication and insistence on delivering the highest quality service and technical work products led us to recognize that together, we can bring the HRSC services industry to a new level of innovation, expertise and service.

What's new?

More HRSC services from more locations

Beginning in March 2016, Dakota Services now offers the following HRSC technologies and services directly to our customers from six locations throughout the United States:

Ultra Violet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST®)

Tar-specific Green Optical Screening Tool (TarGOST®)

Dye-enhanced Laser Induced Fluorescence (DyeLIFTM)

Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT)

Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) and MiHpt

What's staying the same?

Continued service to our UVOST equipment owners

Dakota will continue to provide maintenance and repair services to our existing UVOST equipment customers.

What's coming?

New and improved HRSC technologies

The formation of our new services group provides Randy St. Germain and the Dakota team the opportunity to focus on research and development of new and existing HRSC technologies.

For more information on these recent developments, please explore the services tab on our website or contact us.

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