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Dakota Technologies, Inc. Announces Merger with Matrix Environmental, LLC

To meet the increasing demand for comprehensive site characterization services, Dakota Technologies, Inc. (Dakota) is excited to announce the creation of a new services group. This group has been formed by merging the resources of Matrix Environmental, LLC with Dakota, so together we can offer a full and expanding suite of High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) technologies and services to our national and international clients.

Matrix and Dakota have long shared a common professional mindset: take the time and care to get it right, every time, and on every project. This mutual dedication and insistence on delivering the highest quality service and technical work products led us to recognize that together, we can bring the HRSC services industry to a new level of innovation, expertise and service.

For more information about our new services and how we may be able to support your site characterization needs, please explore the About Us section of our website or Contact Us.

HRSC Tool Selection Chart

Not sure which HRSC solution will best
accommodate your site? Use our selection
chart to match up a contaminant with the
tool designed to detect it.

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HRSC Solution

Diesel fuel

Jet fuel
Crude oil

UVOST® is a direct-push delivered probe that allows rapid screening of most LNAPLs.

Coal tar
Crude oil
Heavy distillate

Many mixed waste
chlorinated DNAPLs

TarGOST® is a direct-push delivered probe that is ideal for use at former manufactured gas plants, wood treatment facilities and similar jobsites.

DNAPL chlorinated solvents (even those with no entrained fluorophores)

Dye-LIF™ is a specialized instrument for screening chlorinated DNAPL at a variety of sites such as former dry cleaners.

Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Combustible hydrocarbon compounds

The MIP system is ideal for characterization of aqueous, adsorbed and vapor phase VOC contaminants.

Membrane Interface Probe
Estimated k (ft./day)
Electrical Conductivity

The HPT measures the pressure required to inject a flow of water into subsurface soil, providing an excellent indicator of permeability.

Hydraulic Profiling Tool
Heavy petroleum
Coal tar

The Dart system is ideal for characterization work in sediment and soft soils along shorelines, marshes or shallow bodies of water.


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