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The Optical Screening Tool (OST) software is proprietary software developed by Dakota for the collection, display, and management of sub-surface laser induced fluorescence (LIF) data generated by our UVOST® or TarGOST® instruments as well as soil color data generated by our SCOST® instrument.

The software was developed by Dakota to be an intuitive and powerful tool for the collection and manipulation of data from our optical screening tools. Built for use on a Windows operating system, the software handles all communication with our instruments. The user is able to interface with the data, including generating log images and advanced batch processes. Like our instruments, our software shows that Dakota has been in the field for years. The software is built to be as easy as possible for field operators while still providing a powerful and wide ranging tool set.

Modes of Use

The OST Software can be used in two modes, as a data acquisition program (OST Acquire) and as a data handling program (OST Viewer).

Use the OST Acquire mode in the field to acquire data.

  • The OST Acquire portion of the program requires 3rd-party drivers to allow the software to communicate with the instrument
  • Running the program in OST Acquire mode allows for all the OST Viewer functionality as well

Use the OST Viewer mode in the office to view data.

  • Using the program in OST Viewer mode does not allow for instrument communication
  • No 3rd-party drivers are needed

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