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SCOST® Introduction

Soil color is one of the most important properties used to identifying and classify soil horizons. This screening tool is an in-situ, percussion advanced instrument and builds off Dakota’s long history of developing rugged optical field tools.

The SCOST unit fits inside our LIF instruments or configured as a standalone unit. The instrument utilizes the same downhole hardware and fibers as our LIF instruments.

SCOST Features

  • Records RGB and Munsell color information with less than one inch data density
  • Produces a log of color versus depth
  • Fits inside a UVOST or TarGOST case, or available as a stand-alone unit
  • Compatible with percussion delivery
  • Utilizes Dakota’s standard fiber cables and downhole tooling
  • All the benefits of in-situ optical screening, including no investigation derived waste

Example Data

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