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Acquisition Features

The OST Software was designed with field use in mind

  • Modern look and feel means you don't look like you are using old technology
  • Displays current Waveform, Signal, Conductivity, and Push Rate in real-time
  • Emulation mode for lab studies
  • The buttons and options you use in the field are large and prominent, the rest get out of your way
  • The software accepts commands from the Remote LCD Display, such as start push and end push
  • Auto-file numbering: start with file UVOST-01 and the software will suggest UVOST-02 next log
  • Software handles any rod length or window offset
  • Automatically handles GPS communication (using the GGA standard)
  • Able to recover from power loss and having to restart mid-hole

Log Output

  • Use the software to highlight up to five callout waveforms, which may be an average of a depth range
  • Callouts automatically include signal and depth, may manually add a caption
  • All the pertinent info along the bottom of the log
  • Auto or manual control of scaling
  • Option to include signal reference line on log
  • Both portrait and landscape mode supported along with standard letter size or 11x17
  • Create bare logs without the callouts and info for use in fence diagrams (with or without axis, may even select a black background)
  • Import any depth vs. signal data for side-by-side viewing
  • PDF output (including multipage)
  • Butterfly plots (of duplicate logs)
  • Pseudo fence diagrams with multiple plots next to each other
  • Water table reference line

Batch File Handling

  • Within seconds you can create log images for an entire site with the same scaling, no need to open each file individually
  • Create a site summary text file with a few clicks, includes: file name, coordinates, max signal, final depth, etc.
  • Determine total footage pushed across one site or multiple sites with ease
  • GPS import

Advanced Data Analysis Features

  • Lifetime fitting
  • Depth interval averaging
  • Background (baseline) correction
  • Custom signal legend based on lab results
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