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Download OST Software version 2 by clicking the link below. After install, you will be prompted with a computer ID and asked for a key. You then need to contact us for a computer specific key. 

Cost is $399 per license. This is for a version which does not allow for data acquisition, but has all other features.

UVOST Providers: Seven free licenses for each UVOST purchased from Dakota allowing for data acquisition. Note this software is non-transferable.


  • Windows based operating system (English language and number system recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher


Click here to download the Windows compatible install exe:
OST Setup 2-6-7

Note: With this release, control of secondary plots such as rate, HP, EC, etc. have moved to the top menu bar.

A help file (pdf) is included in the installer (access from the Help menu).

Previous Version:
OST Setup 2-6-0
OST Setup 2-3-30

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