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LIF Frozen Core Analysis

Laser Induced Fluorescence Frozen Core Analysis

Dakota has collaborated with colleagues at CH2M to develop a laser-induced fluorescence frozen core analysis (LIFFCA) technique that allows for direct comparison of LIF response to non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) saturation on frozen sample segments cut from intact cores. While “homogenized splits” of soil samples have been analyzed on the benchtop with LIF for decades, LIFFCA allows for direct comparison of LIF response to geotechnical and chemical properties of the exact same intact core segment. Because LIF is a non-destructive method, the frozen sample segments can be cut from the intact cores by a laboratory that specializes in petrophysical analyses and shipped to Dakota for LIFFCA. The core segments can be subjected to LIFFCA and the exact same core segments can then later be returned for geotechnical and/or chemical testing.

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