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Electrical Conductivity

Dakota’s Electrical Conductivity (EC) instrument is a complimentary module for UVOST®, TarGOST®, and SCOST™. Different soil types will conduct electricity differently depending on particle size and mineralogy. For example, clays generally will have high conductivity while gravels will have low conductivity. By logging EC with Dakota’s optical screening tools, you can develop a site wide model of source pollution and unconsolidated stratigraphy, which are two key components to predicting mobility.

The EC system operates at the same time OST data is being gathered. To collect EC data at the same time as OST data you need an EC module, a down-hole dipole threaded below an EC capable SPOC, and a special fiber cable with EC wires.

Electrical Conductivity Features:

  • Reports EC in milli-Siemens per meter (mS/m) units
  • Log and plot EC with other Dakota data from the same software package
  • Fits inside Dakota’s OST case, or available as a stand-alone unit
  • Compatible with moderate percussion delivery
  • Down-hole wiring inside UVOST fiber cable. No need to string two bundles
  • Retrofit of Dakota’s standard fiber cable is available

Example Data

In this example data, conductivity (highlighted with the yellow box) is plotted with UVOST® data. Note the transitions at roughly 13 feet and the correlation to the change in signal level.

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