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Laser-Induced Fluorescence FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about LIF. 

Can TarGOST screen for chlorinated solvents?
Dakota Technologies is currently developing the Dye-LIF system, which will be able to accurately screen for all chlorinated solvents. While this product undergoes development, we may still be able to screen your site using our TarGOST product, which has been proven to detect certain types of chlorinated solvents. We encourage you to submit a sample of your contaminated sediment to determine if we can characterize your site at this time.

Can LIF be used to detect dissolved phase PAHs?
No. LIF tools are only designed to screen for non-dissolved phase PAHs.

Does gasoline fluoresce?
Yes. Although gasoline is slightly more difficult to delineate than other NAPLs, it will fluoresce under the ultra-violet light of the UVOST. Other NAPLs that can be detected by the UVOST include diesel, jet fuel, crude oil and hydraulic fluids.

Are LIF probes hammerable?
Yes. All of our LIF probes are strong enough to be hammered into the ground. In fact, they can be used with any direct-push platform, including Geoprobe and CPT.

Is UVOST the same as MIP?
No. The two technologies are technically very different. The main differentiator is that LIF is designed specifically for screening NAPLs containing source-term PAHs. MIP, on the other hand, was developed for VOCs.

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