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New Advancements in Dart Delivery

by Dakota Technologies | Mar 16, 2016

Dakota (with assistance from one of our more determined clients) has made advances in Dart delivery, including Vibracore and power post drivers. One client recently used a barge mounted Vibracore to deliver a portion of their Dart survey.

Vibracore delivery/retrieval went well (after some trial/error) and our client was able to deliver nine 6-foot Darts in water that was far too deep and had sediments much too firm for manual pole delivery. In addition, we recently field tested a gasoline powered post driver and found that it works great on 6-foot Darts on “terra firma.” We have a motivated client that we expect will be testing the system on bony creek bottom sediments very soon. So, if challenging Dart delivery logistics have prevented you from trying them, give us a call and we’ll discuss potential solutions to your sediment site coal tar and creosote NAPL delineation challenges.

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